$8.4billion to Israel’s treasury from Jordanian citizens

Slide1The National Electric Power Company (NEPCO) which is owned entirely by the Jordanian government, has a signed a preliminary agreement (Memorandum of Understanding) to import large quantities of gas extracted from gas fields in the Mediterranean Sea under the control of the Zionist entity. Pursuant to the agreement (valued at 15 billion dollars), NEPCO will be supplied with 300 million cubic feet of gas daily for a period of 15 years from the Leviathan field for the purpose of generating electricity for citizens.

A detailed study (click here for complete study) prepared by the “Coordinating Committee for Groups Opposing Importation of Gas from the Zionist Entity” in partnership with energy expert Mika Minio-Paluello from the Platform Research Center specializing in energy affairs and headquartered in London, has uncovered that the share of the Zionist government from this deal being paid for by the Jordanian government (through funds paid by the citizens for their electricity bills) will be at least 8.4 billion dollars. Consequently, this money will be used to fund the Zionist war machine and aggression, while also funding the expansion of illegal settlements and enhancing the Zionist economy. Further, this deal will lead to strategic long-term subordination of Jordan to Israel in the domain of energy while connecting the citizens’ interests (i.e. electricity) directly to the enemy. To clarify the gravity of this situation, we point out here that this amount is slightly more than the cost of three future wars against Gaza similar to the last war waged by Israel which cost (according to official sources) 2.52 billion dollars.

From the gross amount of 15 billion dollars to be paid over 15 years which is the period of the agreement, Jordan will pay 56% of the 8.4 billion dollars to Israel in the form of royalties, windfall taxes levied and corporate taxes at a rate of 559 million dollars annually.

As for the remainder of the 15 billion dollars, it is distributed as follows:

  • 9 billion dollars are the profits of the corporations possessing the rights to extract gas from the Leviathan field, including 2.93 billion dollars for Israeli companies which are Dilick, Avner and Rashio which own 61% of the rights of extraction, and 1.93 billion dollars for the American Noble Energy Co. which owns 39% of the extraction rights.
  • 7 billion dollars to cover the costs of digging, extraction and management.

Within this context, the energy expert who prepared the report – Mika Minio-Paluello – has stated: “We have analyzed the gas deal which is anticipated to be signed between Jordan and Israel along with Israel’s financial system, and have based some information on previous experiences in Uganda, Iraq, Russia and Kazakhstan. Our calculations have shown that the Jordanian electricity consumer will be paying billions of dollars to the Israeli state: 8.4 billion dollars which will contribute to the building of new settlements and an increase of Israeli military spending.

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