Jordan BDS – ((Al Urdun Tuqate’))

AMMAN (27-10-2014) – At a time when the National Electric Power Company (NEPCO) and the Jordanian government pursue an agreement to purchase gas from Israel via American and Israeli companies, Jordanian civil society institutions are unequivocally demanding a boycott by Jordan.

The Jordan BDS Movement –known in Arabic as Alurdun Tuqate’ – published today its statement which 62 civil society institutions have signed onto, including labor and trade unions, women’s associations, cultural and charitable societies, sports clubs, human rights organizations and business associations, affirming that they reject any dealings with Israel and call upon all Jordanian institutions from civil society and the public and private sectors to join them in boycott and anti-normalization.

This announcement coincides with the 20th anniversary of the Wadi Araba Treaty thus affirming once again that the Jordanian civil society –representing a broad segment of Jordanians- absolutely refuses to normalize relations with Israel when it continues to perpetrate crimes against Arab peoples. The latest such crimes were the assault on Gaza and the desecration of Al-Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem.

The stance of those who signed onto the “Jordan Boycotts” statement was not only limited to boycotting Israel and its institutions, but also called upon other Jordanian establishments to adopt boycott and anti-normalization. By the same token, the signatories affirmed they are conveying the message to their Arab and international networks and urging said networks to isolate Israel until it terminates its occupation of Arab lands, allows the return of the Palestinian refugees to their homes and until the Palestinian people attain their rights completely. Further, the signatories expressed their position clearly against multinational corporations colluding with Israel, stating that these corporations must choose between either the Arab market, or working with the Zionist entity. This statement is supportive of the call by Palestinian civil society institutions for boycott, dated July 9, 2005 and supports the steadfastness of the Palestinian people.

Below is the English version of the “Jordan Boycotts” statement in addition to the names of the first 62 institutions which signed onto it. The movement will publish the names of more signatory institutions in the upcoming months.    

The National Progressive Current 

The Orthodox Society

The Orthodox Society for Culture and Education


Jordanian Dental Association

Jordan Geologists Association

Jordan Press Association

Jordan Bar Association

Jordan Nurses and Midwives Council

Jordan Engineers Association

Jordan Agriculture Engineers Association

General Association for Foodstuffs Merchants

Jordan Concrete Association

Arab Women Media Center

Jordanian Council for Engineering Firms

Federation of Independent Trade Unions of Jordan

General Trade Union of Workers in Health Services

General Trade Union of Workers in Electricity

General Trade Unions of Workers in Education

Independent Trade Union of Jordanian Electricity Workers

Youth Committee of the General Federation of Jordanian Trade Unions

General Association for Foodstuff Merchants 

Mizan Law Group for Human Rights

Adalah Centre for Human Rights 

Tamkeen – Legal Aid & Human Rights

Musharaka Centre for Development and Human Rights

The Jordan Museum

The Arab Education Forum

Al Hanounah Society for Popular Culture

Al-Balad Theater

Al-Weehdat Cultural Forum


Khair and Barakah Feminine Society

Al-Shurouq Charitable Society

Bayda AlMaraygheh Charitable Society

That Alnetaqeen Society

Ru’yana Organization

Abu Alsin Ladies Charitable Society

Al-Shobak Ladies Charitable Society

Al-Mudawarah Ladies Charitable Society

Rashed Ladies Charitable Society

Tassan Ladies Charitable Society

Ebal Charitable Society

Almohammadeya Ladies Charitable Society

The Blessed Ones Society

Ahel Association 


Wa’ad Youth Society

The National Society for Freedom and Democracy

Citizenship and Civil Ideology Association

Pillars of Democratic Dialogue Organization

Phenix Center for Economics & Informatics Studies

Montada Mawtini

Taqqadam Platform

Al-Baqaa Sports Club

Al-Jalil Sports Club

Al-Wehdat Sports Club

The Arab Group for the Protection of Nature

I am a Human Society for Rights of Disabled People

Al-Rakha’a Businessmen Cooperative Association


Hayat Educational Fund

Women for Jerusalem Society

Jerusalem Day Society

Palestine International Institute

Jerusalem Forum

Jordan BDS Statement

August 10, 2014

Civil Society Institutions Take Definitive Stand for Boycott Divestment and Sanctions[1]

We, the undersigned, affirm our commitment to boycott Israel and work against any acts of normalization therewith. We demand that the world impose sanctions thereupon and divest from it, until it terminates its occupation of Palestinian lands, allows the Palestinian refugees to return to their homes and terminates its assaults and discrimination against all Palestinians.

We call upon all Jordanian institutions, including human rights organizations along with academic, cultural, economic, commercial and media-related foundations, whether civil society organizations or public or private establishments, to join us in boycott and anti-normalization. There shall be no respect for those who do not respect humanity and justice.

We shall pressure international conglomerates and multinational corporations colluding with Israel and assisting it in the execution of its crimes to suspend any dealings they have with this occupation. These entities must choose between working with us in Jordan and the Arab market or dealing with Israel.

Further, we will pursue international institutions and networks, and particularly those who we are members of or have relations with, whatever their nationality or field of work, to join us in boycott, divestment and sanctions (BDS) against Israel. We will call upon these international bodies to pressure companies worldwide which are complicit with Israel in its occupation and violations of human rights.

We are signing onto this statement with a firm belief in the importance of resistance and with a conviction that imposing economic losses on Israel is one additional method for pressuring this entity and those who collude with it. We also believe that isolation of Israel and refuting any moral credibility it claims at the international level is another step towards liberation and the return of the Palestinians to their homes.

We are signing onto this statement to support the call of Palestinian civil society organizations for boycott, dated July 9, 2005, and in order to support the steadfastness of the Palestinian people in light of ongoing assaults against it and to achieve justice. There will be no freedom as long as Palestine is occupied.

Name of Institution Signature, Name and Position of Institution’s Authorized Person Address of Institution
Date of Signature E-mail of Institution Telephone # of Institution

[1] In the midst of the assault on Gaza and the Palestinian people, a group of activists have formed “BDS Jordan” and pushed this initiative forward. To learn more and add the name of your organisation to the statement, please write to or visit .

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